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SERVE with us

Connect here with a director or team member about how you can be apart of our church!

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We take dignity in upkeeping our place of worship! We would appreciate experienced (and would lovingly accept inexperience) volunteers with electrical, plumbing, and even landscaping care! On this team, you get to work together as we move in and out of transitioning seasons and making sure our exterior and interior dwelling is up to par! 

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Hospitality Team

Within our hospitality team, you get to be the first smiling face that greets and welcomes everyone as they come in! The hospitality team breaches from the parking lot, to greeters, and finally ushers! You get to take care of our visitors upon arrival and departure and answer any questions they may have, and get them connected with us for future events/gatherings!

Kids Kingdom

Do you enjoy being with Youth? Well our youth ministries are the heart of it all! From bible studies throughout the week, to get together events, and even movie nights of fellowship from time to time!
We'd love to open Kid's Kingdom for youths and even young adults (ages 17+), so whether God has called you to teach and mentor or simply hangout and play with our Youth, we would love you on this team!


Church outreach means to introduce people in the community to the church by making them aware of God’s love for them. Outreach encourages church growth by assembling members to minister to un-believers. However, growth should not be measured by the number of people in attendance on Sunday morning, but by the number of disciples being produced!

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Lights, camera, ACTION! If you are familiar with sound, film, photography or even want to learn more, the production team is for you! This even may include posting on our media sites and updating info for constant events!


We need your voice in the choir! We need your instruments played during worship!
It doesn't matter if you can sing good, or play great, we would love to have you join us in ushering God's people into worship!

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