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Hospitality Team

Within our hospitality team, you get to be the first smiling face that greets and welcomes everyone as they come in! The hospitality team breaches from the parking lot, to greeters, and finally ushers! You get to take care of our visitors upon arrival and departure and answer any questions they may have, and get them connected with us for future events/gatherings!

Parking Lot Assist:
Assisting parking consist of helping visitors find parking, assisting those who may need help up to the church and periodically assisting guests indoors with umbrellas (Washington's rain is no joke at times!) As always, you are one of the first faces that everyone greets, so always serve with a cheerful heart and a warm welcoming smile!

As a greeter, you are the first face people encounter! It is your job to welcome guest in and even out of services with the greatest smile and cheerful spirit! You may direct visitors to restrooms, children care, or a connect center. You may also be available to answer any questions guests have!

As an usher you as well get to welcome everyone in and out of services. Assist with Communion (once a month), and Offering. Occasionally, you may help people find seats if necessary, and tidy up pews in between gatherings!

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