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Kids Kingdom

Do you enjoy being with Youth? Well our youth ministries are the heart of it all! From bible studies throughout the week, to get together events, and even movie nights of fellowship from time to time!
We'd love to open Kid's Kingdom for youths and even young adults (ages 17+), so whether God has called you to teach and mentor or simply hangout and play with our Youth, we would love you on this team!

Welcome new families and assist in getting them into our system for the first time. Walk new families to the kids’ classrooms, helping them learn the layout of the building, how the check-in system works, and ultimately providing a personal welcome to Pungsunghan church and youth ministries!
You are welcomed to meet with youth on a weekly basis to check-in with young adults throughout their current school/work week and fellowship within your care.
Youth assisstants:
Aid and help with set-up for activities and lessons for Sunday School
Childcare Overseerers:
Aid and watch young people while parents are in service. Connect with parent info should you need them during service!

Join this Team

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