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who are we

Vision Statement: “Helping People Discover Abundant Life Through Jesus Christ” (John 15:8)


For the vision of the church, we want to recognize three communities. First, a community that experiences a rich spiritual life. Second, a community that blesses the local community and other cultures. Third, it is to form a community that has faith so that the Holy Spirit can work.

Pungsunghan will form a community centered on Jesus! The head of the church, for discipleship training, mature spiritual growth, raising next-generation leaders, and healing and restoration work in the home for the fulfillment of the vision.

God is the leader of a rich church. The Lord is our faith, our love, and our hope. We invite you to Pungsunghan church for the expansion and vision of the Lord's kingdom.

our pastors and directors:
Paul Kim
Sarah Kim

Associate Pastor

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